Blue Stripe Dress

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Striking a pose in STRIPES!! I have no cute is this???!!! Off the shoulder or can be worn on shoulders too (in case Dad wants to know)!!

Check out the brown braided belt with ROSE tips...WOW!!
This dress hits right above the knee and is generous in size! Great quality and fits true to size.

➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸
*Lolligagin' motto is to keep low stock in all product and sizes so YOU don't have to worry about everyone having the same outfit as you.  Once the item is gone, we rarely restock.  
Buy now, or cry later! 😜