KIDS Face Masks

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Finally masks your kids will want to wear!! These are the SOFTEST!!!

Mustard & Feather covers = 4” length x 5.5” width (2-10 years)

Camouflage covers: = 4.5” length x 7” width (2-13 years)

Tie Dye, Moss, Gray Camo & Black = 2-13 years

When the Health Department says you will need to wear a mask into need to buy multiple.  Who wants to wear the same boring one everyday?!  Buy multiple so you don't have to wash yours EVERY day.

Reusable washable mask, double layered soft cotton, unique design. Perfectly covers face. Made in USA by professional seamstresses! 

TIP: If masks are ever too big, tie a small knot on both sides of ear loops. This allows you to size the mask perfectly. 

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