5 Reasons Why Dressing Well Benefits YOU!

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5 Reasons Why Dressing Well Benefits YOU!

I know, I know...I’m sure I’ll get a couple eye rolls with this but hear me out….

It’s stereotypically known, people who are well put together must be high maintenance, shallow, trying too hard, want to be noticed, need attention and so on.  However, I couldn’t disagree more!

Hitting snooze a few less times in the morning, thinking a little harder on what to wear, maybe pinning a few inspirational “cute outfit ideas” on Pinterest and having a few important staple items in that closet of yours will benefit YOU more than you could ever imagine. 

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Since we all have short attention spans these days, I won’t bore you with thousands of the reasons why you should dress well but here are my Top 5!

#1 Confidence:

Think about when you’re looking in the mirror putting on that super cute black dress you’ve been waiting to wear. Your hair and makeup are done, and you slide that dress on with a pair of strappy heels.  Have you ever noticed what non-verbal signs your body does when you love what you look like?  Do you sway back and forth while checking yourself out in all possible angles? Do you stand up a little straighter? Do you double (maybe even triple) check how you look when you walk by all the mirrors in your house because you know deep down you’re rockin’ it?  Come on…I know I’m not alone here.  This is confidence…your outfit just made you feel incredible because YOU look so darn good!

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#2 Positive Impression:

Everyone talks about first impressions. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” …Yep, totally true here too!  But what about making a positive impression all the time.  Within the first few seconds that someone lays eyes on you, they have come to some conclusion about who you are as a person before the conversation has even started.  Yikes! Makes you think twice about going to the grocery store in your sweats and no bra, right?!  Look, I’m not saying we need to look polished and done up every time we leave the house, but just know you are giving off a positive impression when you do go the extra mile!  

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#3 Exhibits Personality:

Well, we established that what you wear showcases who you are (in the eyes of the viewer).  So…what’s your outfit saying about your personality?  If you wear workout clothes all day long, you must be a major health nut who workouts 10 hours a day, right?  Ha…Guilty!  By the way, all you Moms picking up your kids from school at 2:30pm, your secret is safe with me! But in all seriousness, you can have fun with your outfits and showcase a bold, strong and fun personality with them.  Pop in some color, throw on a statement necklace or fun hat…make it showcase the real YOU and own it!    

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#4 Mood:

Have you ever noticed your mood changes with what you are wearing?  Emotions play a big role in what you wear and what you subconsciously are portraying.  Think about it…when we are mourning a loss, we wear black.  When we’re depressed, our clothes are baggier.  When we’re happy, the colors we wear are usually bright, vibrant, fitted and tailored.  When someone tells you how cute you look, your shoulders puff up, your mood changes and that outfit becomes one of your favorites.

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#5 Builds Trust:

I’m beyond excited you made it this far, thank you for hanging on.  Building trust due to dressing well sounds funny, I know.  However, it’s absolutely true.  Would you get your hair done by someone with bad hair?  Would you take tips from a personal trainer if they didn’t look fit? Why do you think doctors wear white coats? Looking the part and showcasing a role is a BIG part of what we do on a daily basis.  If you are dressing the part you play in your life, people will trust you as well. 

Oh my gosh…I’m honored you made it to the end.  Thank you for reading and don’t forget…

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway! -Coco Chanel

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-Katie Lak
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