15 Types of Friends

15 Types of Friends

Have you ever looked up the definition of a “friend”? 


The dictionary defines a “friend” as a person whom one knows and whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Really?! That’s it?!
“Friends” should be defined with so much more detail. 

Friendships are one of the most valuable things in life. Friends can enhance and help us celebrate the best times—from weddings to birthdays and new careers—as well as help us get through the hardest times (i.e., divorces, sicknesses, deaths, and layoffs). 

How do you personally define a “friend”?  For many years (probably most of my life), I have defined and placed all my “friends” into the same “friend” bucket.  Expectations were high but so was my disappointment. 

It wasn’t until recently that I realized each one of our “friends” hold their own title in each of our lives.  Friendship is NOT a one size fits all type of thing. 

My very wise brother in law (Rob) once told me we have:

Friends for Reason 
Friends for a Season
Friends for Life

Truer words were never spoken!

Think about all the people in your life that you once (or still do) call a “friend”.  What type of “friend” do they fall into?

15 types of “Friends”

1. Cyber Friend – incredible people who were at some point in your life but now just comment on your social media pictures and who you virtually keep in touch with. 

2. Clique Friend – acquaintances whom which you hang around because other types of “friends” hang out with them. 

3. Wise Friendyour go-to person that gives you the best advice.  The one who helps you navigate through life.

15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

4. Cubical Friend – your lunch break buddy.  The person who understands all your boss frustrations and helps the workday go by a little faster.

5. Fair Weather Friend – disappears during a time of need but will return once a situation passes.

15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

6. Honest Friend – someone that is real, trustworthy & tells you like it is. 
15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

7. Good Time Charlie – usually someone you like to spend your weekends or holidays with. Alcohol is almost always involved. Cheers!
15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

8. Noncommittal Friend – the pleaser. They won’t make a stand, nor will they ruffle feathers with anyone. 

9. Spiteful Friend – jealous of achievements and success. 

10. Counterfeit Friend – gives impression of a friend but isn’t someone you can trust.

11. Homerun Friend – who you spend countless hours a week next to due to your child’s love for their sport or activity. 

12. Friend with Benefits – (Not that type…but kinda) Scratch my back mentality.

13. Family Friend – relationship by association

14. Long Distance Friend - you might not see or talk to them on a daily basis. They may even live in another time zone. But they are the first person you call when something happens that’s really great or really hard. 
15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

15. Token Friend – the most loyal, hard to find, will back you up to others, tell you when you’re out of line, pick you up when you’re down, and help you get through any and all life’s challenges.

15 Types of Friends Lolligagin.com

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…it’s about who came and never left your side. Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. 

Take the time to evaluate yourself. What type of “friend” are you? 

Be the kind of friend that we all need. Be one that leaves a mark, not a scar! 

-Katie Lak
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